Suddenly, you need to make some big decisions about life.

"What will I do when I graduate?"

"Am I on the right path?" 

"How will I know if I'm making the right choices?"

"What type of career will inspire me?"

"What major should I declare?"

"Is there more to life than grades...?"

These questions are not simply about your career, but about designing your life.

College and university are a huge investment and a critical time in your life. Suddenly, you need to make some daunting, often intimidating, decisions. Designing YOU gives you control over those decisions and guides you through the process of designing the person that you want to launch into the world. Our complimentary resources, including our eBook collection and podcasts, will help you identify what you are good at, explore your interests and passions, investigate how you can make a living, define success and your purpose, plan your roadmap, and tell your story. Designing YOU helps you to address these relentless questions about your future plans that you’re probably facing right now.

Our free Designing YOU resources are here to help guide you.