English Major YOU - Put Your English Degree to Work

English Major YOU is a guided tour through the world of career paths you may want to pursue with an English degree . By the end, you’ll be able to confidently step in the direction of your future because you’ll have a solid understanding of what you need for professional success now and long-term. 

All aspiring professionals—regardless of your chosen field—are faced with the same crucial questions:

  1. What are the different careers I can pursue with an English degree?

  2. What does it take to succeed in a chosen field?

  3. What’s are the trends influencing the future and how will in impact my career?

  4. How have others with English degrees got to where they are today?

In English Major YOU, we dig into answering each of these questions with intentional curiosity. In addition, English Major YOU explores 10-Year Mission Maps for the following 26 positions:

  • Professional Author

  • Playwright

  • Videogame Scriptwriter

  • Screenwriter

  • Transmedia Editor

  • Investigative Journalist

  • Digital Commentator

  • Documentary Filmmaker

  • Technical Communications Manager

  • Proposal Writer

  • Communications Consultant & Speechwriter

  • Communications Manager

  • Director of Marketing

  • Director of Sales

  • Social Media Marketing Manager

  • Manager of Community Relations

  • Development Officer

  • Director of Research

  • Librarian

  • Corporate Knowledge Manager

  • Teacher

  • Assistant Professor

  • Lawyer

  • Politician

  • Project Manager

  • Entrepreneur

English Major YOU is part of the Designing YOU book series. All Career Guides are available to download for FREE.