Designing YOU

Being a student
today is tough.


Suddenly, you need to make some big decisions about life.

"What will I do when I graduate?"

"Am I on the right path?" 

"How will I know if I'm making the right choices?"

"What type of career will inspire me?"

"What major should I declare?"

"Is there more to life than grades...?"

These questions are not simply about your career, but about designing a life that meets your own definition of success.


Why Design YOU?


This isn’t your parents’ or your guidance counselor’s life.

Despite their well-intentioned advice, your world is very different from theirs. A diploma or degree from a college or university was a special ticket to life back in the day.

Today, a university or college education, though valuable, is not unique - no matter how much you pay for it - a fact that is crippling North American students to the tune of billions of dollars in debt. This means that when you’re out building your life, you’ve got to offer the world way more than a diploma or degree. What makes you different, interesting and valuable no longer comes from any textbook or a piece of paper given to you as you walk across a stage.


Designing YOU helps unlock the person that you’ll launch into the world.



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Praise for Designing YOU

“Taking charge of your future is something only you can do. Designing YOU embraces that, with advice
and encouragement to help you find your own path in a highly competitive world.”

- Stefanus Du Toit, Googler, Google


“Designing YOU is the brain-child of two marketers turned educators. David Finch and Ray DePaul know
the discipline required to succeed and in their book they help students take the reins with this insightful
perspective of becoming your own product manager. They pull no punches and emphasize what makes
you special today is not found in a textbook. Their message that being both intentionally curious and
disciplined is one that will resonate with any successful professional. It is a must read for students

- Mary Moran, President & CEO, Calgary Economic Development

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